About the MegaRide


The very first MegaRide™ was started in 1995, by Ron and Michele Densley of the Plymouth Motorcycle Club.

Meeting at the Novotel car park approximately 400 bikers turned up. Back in 1995 other than a fabulous ride out there had been nothing arranged for after the ride but, everyone who took part must have had a good time because in 1996 they came back and this time they brought their friends!

For the 2nd MegaRide™ over 700 bikers turned up and each year the numbers attending have continued to increase until the MegaRide™ has now become the largest motorcycle charity ride out in the UK.

When the MegaRide™ was just a few years old it moved from the Novotel car park to Smithaleigh then Lee Mill Industrial Estate, which was just as well, as by now the numbers of bikers turning up for the annual event was in the thousands.

As well as a change of location for the start of the ride, Plymouth Hoe Promenade was “acquired” for the destination of the ride and over the years the whole concept of the MegaRide™ has continued to grow. Now an estimated 5,000 bikers take part and when they arrive at Plymouth Hoe they are greeted by an array of trade stalls, food stands and live music, there’s even something for the kids!